GOTCHA: Obua Fired From Cranes Camp


The heart-tearing news comes in just less than 24 hours from the kick off of the African Cup qualifiersset for Namboole Stadium.

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Bobby is said to have doubted Obua’s injury he claims to have sustained in Wednesday’s training. Reports say he is faking it.

But rumours have been flying all over Kampala that a squad of sports fanatics bent on bringing down FUFA boss Mulindwa’s leadership raised millions of shillings to bribe Cranes players to let down the nation.

If this is true, case then Obua deserves to be charged with treason. This is not the first time Obua is in the spotlight over misconduct.

During the Guinea Bissau encounter, he hurled the Cranes jersey to the ground, sparking national outrage. The incident could mark the start of an end of Obua’s once glittering career.

Watch this space for details.

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