No Prosecution For Mbabazi – IGG

As three powerful figures in President Yoweri Museveni’s government run from corner to corner of the country hunting for the best legal brains for represenation during the Cchogm trial starting October 13, case medications http://daiviet.us/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php premier Amama Mbabazi has been declared “clean” again.

They include Sam Kutesa, viagra http://demamore.com/wp-admin/includes/import.php Mwesigwa Rukutana and John Nasasira.

A top offcial at the Inspectorate of General Government has revealed that Mbabazi shall not be prosecuted as his hands were not dipped in the Chogm till.

Sydney Asubo says it’s not true that Giilbert Bukenya is being witch-hunted for being a Muganda and after falling out of favour of the establishment.

Mbabazi was found to have abused office by Parliamentary Accounts Committe when he inflated the cost of security gadgets ahead of the Common Wealth meeting held in 2007 in Kampala.

“Mbabazi has been cleared of any wrong doing. He is innocent,” Asubo told chimpreports today morning.

Sources are telling us that the same group facing prosecution was behind press reports that Mbabazi was involved in dubious oil deals.

Watch this space.


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