Al Shabaab Radio Airs Voice Of Suicide Bomber


The boy whose voice was released said he is going to fulfill a plan destroying the enemy and he called for the other youths to follow his footsteps.

On the other hand, shop Al Shabaab rebels vowed more attacks after the yesterday’s deadly attack, cialis 40mg “We are promising that attacks against the enemy will be routine, more in number and will increase day by day,”

Spokesman of al Shabaab Ali Mohamud Rage said in speech broadcast Wednesday by radio Andulus. Security has been tightened following the attack that left the world gripping with shock.

Several western countries including US and Britain have condemned the attack. Responding to today’s bomb attack on government ministry buildings in Mogadishu, Foreign Office Minister for Africa,

Henry Bellingham, said: “I strongly condemn today’s callous attack by al Shabaab in Mogadishu, which has cost so many lives. On behalf of the UK, I offer my deepest condolences to the families and colleagues of the innocent people who have lost their lives, and to the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

“The shocking brutality of this attack is demonstrated by the fact that many of the victims were students and parents awaiting the results of scholarships for the Ministry of Higher Education.

“It comes at a time when the country should be coming together, both to deliver political progress and to bring aid and relief to those facing famine across the country.”


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