Health Ministry In Mass Immunisation Drive

Ondoa says the Ministry will spearhead activities such as Vitamin A supplementation for children aged 6-59 months, view de-worming of children aged 1-14 years, sale promotion of key Family health care practices such as Nutrition Education, diagnosis breast feeding and use of ITNs, hygiene and sanitation.

Others are immunization of girls and women in reproductive age 15-49 years against Tetanus, early Infant Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS for children 6weeks to 18months and mass treatment of Neglected Tropical Disease (NTDs) namely; lymphatic filariasis, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis/Bilhazia, Soil Transmitted Helminthes and Trachoma in specific endemic districts.

Ondoa says all these will take place in the Child Day’s Plus, a bi-annual event implemented during the months of April and October.

“Every healthcare worker, as well as village health workers, teachers, media and members of society needs to be aware of Child Days Plus, its benefits and support its implementation to improve the health, reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development,” notes Ondoa.

“Our intentions and commitment can only be realized if the children being conceived and born are given the opportunity to live their full potential. Therefore, investing and successfully implementing Child Day Plus will help to realize our development ambitions,” she adds.

Ondoa was addressing scribes at Media Centre in Kampala today.

“In April round this year, 60% of the targeted children were reached by this intervention,” she said, adding, the rest have not been accounted for by some districts.

“On this note, all District health officers should submit their Child Days reports on time as part of their accountability to avoid inconveniences. I also request the district leadership (LC V, CAO and RDC) to join hands with district health team to fully implement and report on this strategy,” said Ondoa.

Ondoa emphasized that Child Days Plus do not replace routine child health services but a means of accelerated delivery of an integrated life saving package of key child survival interventions with the view of reducing the high child morbidity and mortality.

“Over the past few years our performance has declined in many districts and the country is faced with an imminent danger of disease outbreaks such as measles and polio, which we thought we had dealt with successfully. In addition, Vitamin A deficiency and levels of anaemia in the general population is alarmingly high and calls for urgent action,” she elaborates.

“We appeal to all Stakeholders, Development Partners, health workers, Village Health Teams, the Media, Parents and guardians and the general public to promote the October round of Child Days Plus activities in order to promote child survival and development. Child Days Plus service deliveries will be at the nearest health units, schools and usual routine immunization outreach posts across the country.”

She appreciated the contributions of partners such as World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, World Food Program (WFP), World Vision Uganda, STRIDES for Family Health, The Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme who have supported the Health Sector with various requirements such us de-worming tablets, funds and other materials required to implement this Child Survival Programmes.

“I now take the honor and pleasure to officially launch the October 2011 Child Day Plus activities,” she concluded.


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