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3 Year Old Girl Murdered By Own Mother

Deputy Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye

Police in Mbale district yesterday November 25th arrested Mary Alikiku, case remedy http://cidem.ec/components/com_kunena/template/ja_platon/html/common/whosonline.php 33, remedy http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_basic_gallery/adapter.nextgen_basic_gallery_mapper.php after admiting to have killed her own daughter, find Jane Achelot, 3.

Alikiku said that ever since she gave birth to the late, the father was not fulfilling his obligation of extending care and financial assistance to the family and that she was struggling to raise the child alone.

The deceased, according to preliminary investigations, was strangled and her body thrown in a banana plantation just next to where they were staying.

Passersby who saw the body notified police, and upon interrogation, the deceased’s mother did not deny involvement in the crime.

“We shall charge the woman with murder, but we are looking for the said father who will be charged with neglect, if apprehended,” said deputy police spokesperson, Polly Namaye.



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