2016: FDC Launch Soccer Tournament in Universities

In a bid to galvanize their youth wing ahead of the 2016 presidential elections,  opposition Forum for Democratic Change have launched a football and volley ball tournament for universities across the country.

The tourney was unveiled this Monday morning by party president Gen Mugisha Muntu at their head offices in Najjanankumbi.

The grand social activity, Muntu said, was for purposes of cohesion of the party’s youth wing, and that it would later be used to focus “other aspects.”

The tournament is slated to kick off on November 14 at MUBS, and the finals will take place of on 16th at Nakivubo stadium.

A total of 25 universities and tertiary institutions from across the country will take part, including among others: All Saints University Lango, Mountains of the Moon, Bishop Stuart, Ndejje, MUBS, and Makerere.

“FDC is a youthful party; majority of our support is youth based, and we can’t take that for granted,” noted Hon Nabila Sempala at the press conference.

“We are going to showcase a mini Fufa in this tourney which is FDC managed.”

Gen Muntu revealed that the party intended to utilize this event to change the political culture of the nation.

“The beauty of sports is that people come together, and compete. Some win while others lose, yet they both shake hands and move on,” he said.

“If only in politics we could borrow from this culture, we would go a long way in creating a better mindset, because in Uganda’s politics today, competition is a matter of life and death.”

Muntu has since shunned the idea of violent street protests advocated by his predecessor, Dr Kizza Besigye, saying Museveni can be removed from power peacefully.

“My style of management is that I focus first on things that will strengthen us as a party,” Muntu told press at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi recently.

“I could have decided to go out and popularize myself and mobilize country support. That is easy; I could have channelled all resources to that. But I choose my options very carefully,” he added.

“Popularizing myself isn’t the main issue, but building a stronger party. At this point as we prepare to choose our flag bearer, I am sure of one thing; whoever the flag bearer will be, they will have a formidable party behind them.”


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