Radio Could Lose Shares In Soldiers Bar


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Sources insist that Radio has not yet paid the last bit of his installment amounting to Shs 12m.

“Radio took a loan from loaded Simon as they purchased the bar from its former owner,” a source said.

Radio was required to refund the Shs 12m in order to fully attain rights as a shareholder and thereafter begin to partake of the huge earnings.

But information trickling in indicates that the singer is unable to raise the money.

HI-table’s Simon now sights a billion dollar opportunity to take full ownership of the bar.

The said bar was sometime back closed to allow parties forge a way forward.

The bar which was bought by the pair late last year, has been running for close to three months.

It occurred that the bar cost a total of Shs 18m and the buyers were tasked to pay six months’ rent amounting to Shs 6m.

A bigger percentage of this dime was paid by Simon, and Radio was just a face of the purchase.

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