MPs Task Gov't on Marriage and Divorce Bill


side effects http://decisionpro.biz/templates/yoo_revista/warp/systems/joomla/config/layouts/fields/position.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In his communication to the House sitting on Tuesday, Oulanyah said that discussions on the Marriage and Divorce Bill had started in 2013 but the government had requested for more time as consultations on the Bill are carried out and that since then the Bill had stalled.

“On the 4th April 2013, the Minister Gen. Otafiire told the House that the Executive and Members needed a further three months to consult,” he said.

He called on government and Members to report on the progress made following those consultations so that a decision is made.

“Can we have the current status on the Bill so that we take a decision and it gets off our pending work?” the Deputy Speaker directed.

The Bill states that bride price cannot be treated as a pre-requisite for marriage, and makes criminal the act of demanding repayment of the same.

The proposed legislation also restricts widow inheritance, grants some rights to cohabiting couples, and equalizes the previously discriminatory divorce provisions.

While activists say the Marriage and Divorce Bill aims to overcome one of the most deep-seated socio-economic political injustices in our society today, government officials say its promoters are being funded by westerners and the whole agenda is utopian and against the way of doing things by Africans and their culture.

In a related development, Oulanyah said that communication from government shows that there are plans to withdraw the Retirement Benefits Sector Liberalization Bill, 2011 and the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill, 2012.

He informed the MPs that the Ministries of Public Service and Finance held discussions and proposed that the Retirement Bill should be withdrawn.

“We do not know what is happening with this and we don’t want it to be clogging the House. We should formally be notified so that the formal withdrawal is made here. It is the same with the Bio-safety Bill because nobody is talking about it,” he stressed.

Oulanyah further revealed to the House that soon a directive will be made on pending bills to be withdrawn and not to appear on the business to follow on the Order Paper.

“I am going to give communication that all those bills that came to the House and for some reason are being handled in some other way should be formally withdrawn instead of making us wait for something that is not coming,” he concluded.

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