Chameleone Baptises Self Jacob On 35th Birthday

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Chameleone through social media congratulated himself upon the long walk, wishing himself “happy 35 years”.

“It’s been a long walk worthy celebration, but before all that, I raise my hands to the almighty GOD for every breath I take. Am so thankful for the life through my Father and Mother that you gave to me,” he stated.

“Family and Friends, My wife and Children that keep the smiling Joseph as I celebrate 35 years of life….”

But in a twist, he explored the old testament of the holy Christian book calling himself Joseph the son of Jacob, and further insinuating he is the reigning king of Ugandan music.

In another bit of the post, Chameleone borrowed acts of King Solomon asking God for wisdom to manage his career and family.

“I pray father that you give me more knowledge and life to enlighten the life’s of the people that enjoy me. Happy Birthday Joseph (The 11th son of Jacob)”

The music game cannot get funnier.


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