Profile: Col Ogole, 70, Dies


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ampoule geneva;”>Ogole’s friends told Chimpreports he passed on Wednesday morning at Middlesex Hospital in London where he had been admitted with prostate cancer.

at the time of his death, Ogole was reported in meeting with exiled Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, Gen David Sejusa.

For starters, Ogole was a tough military man who rose to the rank of Colonel with the position of Brigade Commander in the Ugandan army until his retirement and emigration to the UK.

He has been living in United Kingdom since 1992.

In or around 1983-5, following a period of training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA Ogole was deployed in the Luwero Triangle as an officer of the Ugandan National Liberation Army (‘UNLA’) loyal to the second government of Dr Milton Obote, engaged in conflict with President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Army.

It is said Ogole commanded operations that gave a bloody nose to NRA fighters, leading to the guerrilla group’s temporary disintegration.

Several battle-hardened NRA combatants were killed during Ogole’s counter insurgency ops.

During this time, it is alleged Ogole “committed serious human rights violations,” charges he died in 2013.

Ogole joined the armed forces in the mid 1960s and served in several positions that included Adjutant, Commanding Officer; Brigade Commander; Deputy Director of Records; and Chief of Personnel in Uganda National Liberation Army [UNLA].

It is widely held that Ogole was among the officers that participated in the military coup against the first government of Dr Obote (RIP) and also took part in the purge of Lango and Acholi elite from 1971 to 1977.

On 25 January 1971, Ogole who was acting as Chief Clerk of Malire was brought from the room where Acholi and Lango men were locked up and requested to write a draft statement explaining why the army had overthrown Obote.

Shortly before his death, Ogole was accused of drawing a masterplan to topple President Museveni, allegations he described as “baseless.”


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