South Sudan

Mao Attacks West Over S.Sudan Bloodbaths

salve geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“It is very absurd that the International Community is just looking on as civilians continue to be butchered in their country. It is as if they don’t value the life of Africans and they are now all driven and taken up by the situation in Ukraine, ” said Mao in a weekly press briefing at the party headquarters at City House in Kampala.

UN has made itself a name for looking on as civilians are killed by armed militias in African states which have experienced civil wars.

A case in point was the 1994 Rwandan Genocide where French peacekeepers not only looked on but even handed over the Tutsis to Hutus for slaughter.

In Central African Republic, Muslims are lynched during the day on streets of Bangui and other towns at the watch of UN peacekeepers.

Recently, a UNAMID convoy was intercepted in Darfur region of Sudan and the UN officials handed over IDPs to militias for murder.

South Sudan warring parties must preserve lives of civilians

Mao further condemned the deliberate targeting of civilians and reckless bombing by both warring parties and called upon them to stop the habit.

“In any conflict, civilians should not be targeted because they are innocent people. In most cases, they are attacked while carrying out their personal business,” he clarified.

He, therefore, called upon the African Union (AU) to amicably swing into action and instil a credible force so as to restore peace and order in the volatile country of South Sudan.

Mao, on the same note, blamed the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) for defending the Juba government instead of rescuing civilians as it was the issue in the first place.

“The UPDF has already lost credibility in South Sudan and can no longer offer a standing solution to the problems in the country; the earlier they withdraw the better for settlement of peace in the country.”

This follows the violence that took place on April 17, at the UN peacekeeping base in Bor and from April 15-18 in the town of Bentiu.

In Bor town, UN troops are said to have opened fire using heavy artillery on civilians killing dozens.

While the world was still nursing the shock of Bor massacre in Jonglei State, piles and piles of hundreds of bodies were later discovered in the Unity State’s capital Bentiu immediately after the rebels of Dr Riek Machar captured it.

There has been widespread violence against civilians since December 2013, but recent events display a serious deepening of the conflict and callous disregard for civilians’ life and international humanitarian law.

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