South Sudan

SPLM Youth Attack UN Coordinator Toby Lanzer

this web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“The SPLM Youth League (Opposition) would like to give a clear view on the subject of fallacious denunciation shaped by the regime in Juba and Toby Lanzer concerning the recapturing of the most oil producing hub of Bentiu on April 16, order 2014, ed ” reads part of their statement.

“We want to be clear to everybody all over the world that, our movement didn’t butcher any civilian whether from South Sudan or Sudan as claimed by the Toby Lanzer.”

They youth, like other opposition leaders, claim that the people who “unfortunately succumbed happened to be those fighting a long side government troops”.

“The claimed massacre didn’t pick out any unarmed person but only combatants involved in a fight on the battlefield. The said allegation was aimed at distorting and overshadowing the case of the Bor episode at the UN base.”

Before the Bentiu bloodbaths whose death toll has been put at around 200 civilians and more 445 Darfuris, Bor youth raided a UN base in Jonglei demanding the relocation of Nuer IDPs.

The resultant confrontation with UN troops left scores dead and many others injured.

According to Cde. Puot Kang Chol SPLM Youth League (Opposition) Chairperson, Toby Lanzer capitalised on the Bentiu incident to turn the world’s eyes off the Bor murders “orchestrated by UN troops”.

“Killing the innocent is not our agenda and it will never be until we bring about a free and just nation for all South Sudanese,” the youth claim.

They further claim that their forces never committed the crimes they are accused of but heap the blame onto Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) fighters who are of Sudan origin.

“People must be informed that Sudan (Darfur) rebels never had uniforms. Their bodies were mistaken for civilians.”

“We have no problem with civilians from Darfur. They are all over rebel controlled areas like Nasir County, Uror, Langkeen and Waat.”

UN alleges that rebels under Maj Gen James Koang used Bentiu radio to order mass rape and massacres on the fall of the Unity state capital.

Government and UNMISS blame each other for the ugly episode but ontop of the blame list, are rebels of Dr Riek Machar.

Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, is already in Juba ahead of a probe into these killings.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, hinted on possible war crimes charges being filed against the warring parties if it is established that they committed the heinous acts.

The US is also considering sanctions against the bigwigs among the warring parties.


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