Willy Mukabya: I Want to Modernise Kadongo Kamu

viagra http://crememinceur.com/wp-includes/class-wp-taxonomy.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Well, advice ChimpLyf tracked its composer, view Kadongo Kamu superstar, Willy Mukabya, to his Nateete based 3rd Framez studios.

In a chat that lasted for two hours or so, Mukabya related one of the most hilarious life stories ever.

ChimpLyf: Who is Willy Mukabya?

Mukabya: I’m a Kadongo Kamu artiste. I come from Kabunyata village in Bulemezi. My parents are Jane Nabunya and Ezekiel Muwanga.

ChimpLyf: How far did you go in school?

Mukabya: I didn’t go far. I just went through primary school – at Buzibera Primary School. I ended in P.7 – that was in 1985 when the war started. I decided to shift to Kampala and forge life.

ChimpLyf: After your primary level, did you start singing immediately?

Mukabya: Yeah, I had a friend called Sejobe. He was a guitar singer. That’s how I picked interest.

Sejobe also had a group called Kawempe Golden Guitar Singers which I joined and started singing immediately!

I wrote two songs – Abantu balamu bayina fitina and Mbalu. After two years, l wrote Kayanda and that song made me popular.

I developed the courage to stand on my own.

So, I quit Kawempe Golden Guitar Singers and started my own group called Talent Production. That was in 1994.

ChimpLyf: How many albums do you have now?

Mukabya: I have over 20 albums.

ChimpLyf: What have you achieved from music?

Mukabya: Music has created me so many friends. I’m now popular and I also have an admirable family.

ChimpLyf: Married?

Mukabya: Yeah, I’m married to Catherine Namugumya.

ChimpLyf: How about the young girl you introduced recently?

Mukabya: It’s that one I’m talking about. Catherine is the wife I have now. I divorced the so-called “first lady” and sent her to the village. Catherine is not young and has never complained that am so old.

ChimpLyf: Among your songs, which one do you take pride in?

Mukabya: Akagali! That song was based on a true story!

ChimpLyf: What’s your social life like?

Mukabya: I’m friendly and free with everyone.

ChimpLyf: What’s your latest song?

Mukabya: Betty. It’s a new song and I know my fans will like it!

ChimpLyf: Are you a songwriter?

Mukabya: Yeah I write my songs.

ChimpLyf: Who is your favourite Ugandan musician?

Mukabya: I like Fred Ssebata especially because of the song Bandikomyewo and Bobi Wine. Those two people are so creative.

ChimpLyf: When did you last celebrate your birthday?

Mukabya: That is a secret.

ChimpLyf: Apart from singing, what else do you do?

Mukabya: I am a businessman and I have a group of upcoming musicians.

ChimpLyf: Where do you shop from?

Mukabya: I shop anywhere I like.

ChimpLyf: What are your future plans?

Mukabya: I’m planning to improve on Kadongo Kamu style to reach modern standards.

ChimpLyf: Would you change your style in future?

Mukabya: Yeah, I have already started changing. I can sing any style, through making collabos.

ChimpLyf: What are the challenges you face in music?

Mukabya: The problem I see is that the copyright law is not yet active.

ChimpLyf: Which perfume do you like?

Mukabya: It’s ‘My king’ perfume.


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