Muntu Punches Holes in National ID Project


pill try http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/importer/admin_page.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“It is disgraceful that, medicine capsule over 50 years since Independence and after nearly 30 years of NRM rule, viagra order the country does not have a system for identifying who Ugandans are,” charged Muntu in a brief Monday statement.

“The verification of citizenship and the registration of citizens is one of the cardinal responsibilities of any government, anywhere. For this determines the question of nationality for all purposes. This also lays the foundation for planning and providing services to the population.”

Government recently rolled out a national identification project that will citizens receive identity cards.

Internal Affairs Minister, Gen Aronda Nyakairima said the identity cards would enable government correctly plans for its citizens and also control the surging crimes levels in Uganda.

However, Muntu expresses shock that “for all these years, the Museveni regime did not see it in its interest to establish such a system.”

The former army commander adds: “Furthermore, instead of developing the system we previously had for registering births into a comprehensive national coverage, this also was allowed to fall into complete dysfunction.”

He said much as it is imperative that a system for identifying and registering citizens of Uganda should be put in place on an urgent basis, “it is equally imperative that this be done right; that it be done in full legitimacy and transparency, and with all necessary policy and legal frameworks in place.”

Muntu warned: “Otherwise, the new system will create more and graver problems than what it is seeking to remedy. Already, huge amounts of money and equipment have been lost in this process.”


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