Multichoice Steps up Fight Against TV Piracy

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The vice in Uganda is rampant amongst video hall (bibanda) operators who illegally evade commercial packages and install dishes meant for Private (home) viewers.

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page geneva;”>MultiChoice sales manager Mr Jude Kalema tells Chimpreports, the company has stringent restrictions on the assortment of channels allowed for public view places like bibanda.

“Unlike private consumers who have access to any channel of their choice, there are channels we cannot allow in Bibanda which we know are open to all people of all ages.”

“Some movie channels like Mnet air out material that is age rated, as well as some Series, sports channels and while private viewers can exercise Parental Control, video halls don’t discriminate on the age of the viewers,” he said.

MultiChoice, Kalema said, has stepped up efforts of reaching out to these video halls and ensuring that they all use their rightful public regulated packages.

Data from UCC shows that close to half of all Bibanda in the country have installed dishes meant for home viewership.

“We have now a full department devoted to alleviate this, comprising of a team that routinely inspects the halls for compliance. We are also working closely with regulators Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) local authorities to enforce acquiescence to the law.

About 8000 video halls around the country Mr Jude says, have so far been restructured to join the commercial platform and the work is gaining high momentum.

The company also liaises with the Uganda Video Hall Owners and Operators Association to sensitize the pirates about the law.


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