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Machar Strengthens Diplomatic Offensive Against Kiir

healing geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>UN this week warned rebels they faced possible war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for killing 200 innocent civilians in Bentiu, promoting hate using Radio Bentiu and raping women.

With the war heating up in Bentiu and neighbouring areas, Machar’s friends in the Diaspora seem more determined to legitimise his rebellion in which thousands have been killed and many more displaced into refugee camps since December 2013.

The Uganda army which is guarding Gen Salva Kiir’s government from collapse warned rebels this week any attack on Bor would attract its wrath, including use of heavy artillery and airforce.

In a statement sent to Chimpreports on Saturday morning, “the largest populations of patriotic South Sudan Diaspora that inhabit Midwest in the State of Minnesota, United States, have confirmed their supporting SPLA in Opposition.”

According to the statement, the Minnesota society “switched their support from SPLM of Kiir Mayardiit Regime to SPLM in Opposition” and that “this will not only affect the unity of organized SPLM Chapter in State Minnesota but it will also affect the entire SPLM Structure in the United States.”

“It will actually bring an end to the crooks who have been manipulating the very vision of the SPLM Manifesto which emphasizes unity, equality and Progress; it’s indeed a big blow to the SPLM Diaspora chapters, which left few individual mainly the relatives of president Kirr and Vice President James Wani Igga in government site.”

The community said among the defectors is Mr. Gatluak Puoch Kuornyuot an executive member in SPLM secretariat whose position as Team leader of mobilization for the State of Minnesota.

Mr. Kuornyuot reportedly maintained his position in South Sudanese Minnesota Task Force (SSMTF).

“After diligently analyzing the unfolding situation in the country from interim period to post independence, we wish to give our support to the SPLM/A-In Opposition to pave the way for a true democracy in South Sudan.

Signs are visible, on the horizon, of a failed state but together we can pre-empt that fate. Nation building is not like taking a walk in the park but principle in leadership.

A dictatorial leadership of President Salva Kirr caused the young independent sovereign state tremendous challenges to provide the basic necessaries of life poor governance, accountability, corruption and impunity are stumbling blocks in our efforts at service delivery,” the statement noted.

The group further urged President Salva Kiir to resign to pave the way for peace to the world’s newest Nation because “he has obliterated the citizens’ hope and dream of building the new nation to accommodate the interests of our diverse communities in favour of his private interests to cling to power and marginalize other communities.”

Kiir was also faulted for “gross abuse of office, corruption, nepotism and poor governance have forced in senior members in the party to step up publicly to oppose the president, which brought trouble mess to the SPLM party.”

Kiir’s fight against corruption

However, Kiir is remembered for having fired the better part of his army leadership and cabinet for amassing wealth to the tune of billions of dollars.

Trouble for South Sudan started last year when Kiir accused senior government officials of looting government coffers and urged them to return the stolen public funds.

They did not comply, leading to a massive shakeup of government and army structures. Observers say Kiir took long to fight the corruption devil thus pushing the country to the edge.

Nevertheless, the South Sudanese in Minnesota claim Kiir’s score card does not rank him as an asset to the SPLM party which gave him the specific mandate to steer the country along the path to security of life and economic prosperity for all citizens.

“His administration has degenerated into a dictatorship, which is intolerant and hostile to divergent views. In this way, he has denied himself access to a wealth of constructive ideas that he needs to build a cosmopolitan state that is democratic, prosperous and united in diversity. He has squandered the opportunity to accommodate, reconcile and uplift his countrymen to the extent that a significant number of South Sudan nationals are already returned into exile,” the statement added.

The government of South Sudan maintains it’s committed to a peaceful end to the conflict but has to defend the nation against the insurrection.


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