Minister Alupo Speaks Out On Mandy's Resignation


about it sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Alupo told Chimpreports on phone that she received Mandy’s resignation letter on Fridaytroche sans-serif; color: #222222;”> immediately after the re-appointment of Uneb’s Executive Secretary, prostate Mr Mathew Bukenya.

“I received a letter from the President asking me to confirm the re-appointment of Mr Bukenya, which I did. I also asked Mr. Fagil to consider the re-appointment but he refused to conform and resigned instead,” the Minister explained.

“So I have asked the board members to organise an urgent meeting and choose one member in the board who they think can chair the meeting and we find a way forward to resolve Mr. Bukenya and Mandy’s issue.”

However, the Uneb chairman who refers to himself as an academic giant, said yesterday that he resigned because “I totally disagree with the board’s move to reconsider Mr Bukenya as the board secretary even after finding a potential person for replace him”.

“I am a high profile individual who believes in taking the country forward. That is why I have resigned, for the good of the country.”

Mandy who was elected as Uneb Chairman in 2012 has been at loggerheads with other board members especially, his own Executive Secretary Bukenya with whom they have had several disagreements.


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