South Sudan

SPLA Reclaims Mayom

more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>tadalafil sans-serif;”>National Courier quotes Col Philip Aguer, the SPLA Spokesman, who confirmed that it was just a matter of time before the SPLA drove the rebels out of the state.

“We are mopping up in Mayom County and heading for Bentiu,” he was quoted as saying.

He added: “Yes, our forces are in Mayom. They have captured it from the rebels and it is a matter of time before they take complete control of all the areas.”

Other reports indicate that civilians are now fleeing Mayom for Warrap State as fighting intensifies.

Earlier at the start of April, the rebel spokesperson, Brig Gen Lul Koang said they had repulsed coordinated attacks their positions in Mayom and Koc Counties by SPLA.

In the same month, they managed to recapture Bentiu, the capital of Unity state.

On the other hand, losing the rich oil producing unity state is something government will not let go easily.

Government troops are now determined to rescue Bentiu, the reason they have taken Mayom.

With Mayom in their hands, SPLA can still prevent Warrap state from falling into rebel hands and then will base from the two to launch another attack on Bentiu, according to speculators.

Mayom, according to the Sudan Tribune, is located at the border between Unity and Warrap states near the border with the Republic of Sudan, which South Sudan split away from in 2011 as part of a 2005 peace deal.

(NC, ST)

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