Nyombi: KCCA Operating Smoothly Without Lukwago

for sale http://cutteraviation.com/wp-includes/class-wp-user-meta-session-tokens.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In their submission, order http://citrusresearch.org/wp-includes/post-template.php Lukwago’s lawyers led by Abdul Katuntu, information pills Caleb Alaka, Sam Muyizi and Julius Galisonga told court that Kavuma had jurisdiction to entertain the application by the Attorney General but exercised it in excess and went outside the jurisdiction stressing, that he acted illegal.

The lawyers further explained that Kavuma should have preserved the status quo by maintaining the ruling by Justice Lydia Mugambe but rather he altered it which the lawyers said was not right.

Katuntu further noted that there was no urgency of disposing off the matter by justice Kavuma without notice to the other party (Lukwago) because he (Lord Mayor) was already in office stressing, that the judge, however, only used the application by the Attorney General to evict him from office which was wrong.

According to Lukwago’s lawyers, keeping him out of office will make him incur irreparable losses and damages considering the fact that its not his personal office but rather holding it on behalf of people who entrusted him.

As such, keeping him out of office would lead to a breakdown as no one will perform his duties spelt out in Section 11 of the KCCA Act.

Lukwago stressed that Kavuma was wrong when he considered other judgements while giving his ruling citing, the one by the High Court Registrar in November last year which ruled that the council meeting that led to impeachment was illegal and the one by Justice Yasin Nyanzi that halted the meeting.

The lawyers stressed that staying those judgements was wrong and urged that Justice Kavuma would have only dealt with the judgement by justice Mugambe.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s lawyers led by Martin Mwambutsya told court that reinstating Lukwago as the Lord Mayor will bring grievances between him and the councillors who impeached him in November.

Mwambutsya told the panel of judges that 29 councillors voted Lukwago out of office and these, according to the Attorney General, represented 64.4% of the council arguing, that Parliament by enacting the KCCA Act vested in the councillors with the mandate to remove the Lord Mayor if he fails to perform his duties.

The Attorney General said that by keeping him out of office, Lukwago won’t suffer damages explaining, that the Lord Mayor is a full time employee of KCCA entitled to a salary and allowances.

He further noted that in case of any losses accruing from suspension of the salary and allowances, these can be compensated.

On relevance of the Lord Mayor in running the activities of KCCA, Mwambutsya told the judges that keeping him out of office won’t lead to a breakdown in the works of the authority since it’s an agent of the Central government that has a minister for KCCA who can run the duties on behalf of the Lord Mayor.

The lawyers further stressed that division councils are functioning well since the Lord Mayor’s removal from office five months ago adding, that it doesn’t necessitate Lukwago to be back.

The Attorney General explained that reinstating Lukwago to his office would be effecting an injustice in management of the city because by the time the 29 councillors impeached him, there was a breakdown in the system.

However, the panel of five judges led by former Chief of Justice Benjamin Odoki, Christine Kitumba, Esther Kisakye, John Wilson Tsekoko and Geradino Okello said that they were not ready to give the ruling adding, that they will deliver it on notice.


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