South Sudan

Steam On Kenya to Deport Kiir, Machar Families

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South Sudan is experiencing a spill over from armed attacks, according to a statement released by European Commission on Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.

“During the past 5 days fighting took place in Bentiu and Mayom (Unity State) and south of Malakal (Upper Nile State). Bentiu witnessed horrifying scenes and it is estimated that at least 500 people died.”

“Many of the victims were massacred while searching refuge in the local mosque. The UNMISS Protection of Civilians site (PoC) in Bentiu swell to 25000 people. At this time only very basic humanitarian aid is being provided,” continues the statement.

The International Rescue Committee announced on April 21, the loss of two humanitarian workers that died in the attack over the PoC in Bor on April 17.

Deport Machar, Kiir families back to South Sudan

As killings escalate, citizens are convinced that only two people are responsible for the current bloodbaths in South Sudan: President Salva Kiir and his former deputy, Riek Machar.

As they swear “this will not be forgotten”, citizens have tasked Kenya to deport the families of both Machar and Kiir.

“They are not protecting civilians because their families are safe is Kenya. Let their kids return home and we see if they won’t protect them,” cries out a concerned citizen.

The argument is that Machar and Kiir ought to have taken their quarrel to a battlefield instead of involving innocent civilians.

“Riek and Kiir’s kids are somewhere in Lavington and Runda Nairobi, respectively while their parents burn down our country,” stressed another citizen.

“We can’t let South Sudan war go the way of Rwanda. Reports are presenting evidence of a genocide in the making. United nations and African union must act now!

Meanwhile, graphic and disturbing pictures have emerged explicitly describing the horrible episodes of Bentiu as Maj Gen James Koang Chuol, according to reports, unleashed his soldiers to massacre hundreds of unarmed civilians.

“Over 5,000 images have leaked in which brutal murders are graphically exposed,” said an outraged citizen.

The debate came to a realisation that another Rwandan moment is happening in South Sudan and as it was in 1994, East African Nations are “doing anything”.

“Kiir and Machar are not only killing their people, they are also destroying the dreams of this generation.

In the meantime, United States of America has threatened fresh sanctions on all those perpetrating crimes against humanity in the current conflict.

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