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Dr Ssali Aide: We Messed up Fibroids operation


order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Testifying before Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Olive Kazaarwe on Tuesday, purchase Kirunda who was employed at the hospital in 2006, explained the patient was checked and operated upon on the same day which was not the right procedure.

“Patients are operated at least 24 hours after a medical check-up,” said Kirunda, raising concerns about the competence of some private medical practitioners in Uganda.

Kirunda further told court on the fateful day, “in the company of a team of other experts, we started the operation but some minutes later, an alarm from one of the machines went off indicating that something had gone wrong which prompted Dr. Ssali to join our team to arrest the situation.”

He went on: “Something wrong had happened on the pressure of the patient as it went up and down immediately, leading to a cardiac arrest. The theatre lacked a resuscitation machine used to restart the heart and we therefore did it manually for 4 – 5 minutes .We did all that we could but we had no control over the patient’s life,” explained Kirunda.

Relatives of the deceased looked on in shock.

The anaesthetist further admitted that “after the alarm I was shocked and started trembling with fear. I could not perform very well in that state.”

On the litre of blood found in the deceased’s stomach as indicated in the post-mortem report, Kirunda could not explain its cause.

“This (blood in stomach) was not related to the cause of her death as such instances of death are common around the world.”

Meanwhile, David Wasswa, a technician at Mulago hospital also testified before the Chief magistrate explaining that all machines used were in good condition because he had thoroughly checked them prior to the operation.

The technician further admitted that the hospital lacked a resuscitation machine which prompted the doctors to do it manually.

Its alleged that on October 14, 2010, Kirunda and Dr Tamale Ssali, the director of women Hospital international and fertility centre in Bukoto neglected their duties which led to the death of Ayiru who had gone for a fibroids operation.

Dr Ssali is accused of failing to supervise the anaesthetist leading to Ayiru’s death.

Magistrate Kazaarwe set June 12 as the date to give her judgement on the matter.

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