Spy Tapes: Besigye Breaks Silence

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“It’s an error of judgement for any opposition political leader to engage the NRM mafia team in a meeting that is not transparent. Even if you have good intentions, you have to do it in a transparent way and in any case it should be put on record because the regime has had a terrible reputation for itself and if you meet them, the public will draw many conclusions,” Besigye warned.

Kidandala who was quoted begging for money from Kayihura has since clarified that the meeting was in “good faith” and aimed at finding solutions to the political crisis hurting KCCA.

He explained that the main aim of the NRM government is to compromise and intimidate the opposition.

“Meeting NRM people brings about many questions in the people’s minds.”

Besigye, however, added that he is set to meet and discuss with Kidandala all the proceedings of the meeting adding that some of the matters discussed in meeting according to the leaked tapes were right.

“It’s better for me to meet and talk to him first before I attribute anything more to what he did. I listened to the tapes but one of the matters discussed in the meeting had no problem. They discussed how Lukwago chose me out of frustration from Jennifer Musisi in order to get political capital form me. That is not bad if people think I am capable of having political capital.

“I am going to talk to him to explain how he went and what transpired in the meeting,” Besigye added.

Last week embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago told journalists that he was surprised when news about the spy tapes involving his deputy circulated adding that he was not aware of the meetings.

“It came as a shock to me on hearing the recordings and in fact, it was disheartening. I want to clearly reveal that I learnt about it through the media and I know nothing about it,” Lukwago told journalists on Friday at his home in Kampala.


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