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Somali MP Killed


rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>AMISOM confirmed the Monday attack in which MP Isaak Mohamed Rino died and and his colleague Mohamed Ali injured.

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AU Special representative Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif condemned the terrorist acts:

““We will continue to fight these extremists who are interested in inflicting violence on innocent civilians. Members of Parliament represent the Somali people and any attack on the MPs is an attack on the people and it is unacceptable.”

Al Shabaab militants have in recent weeks stepped up assassination attempts on senior government leaders including the President whose palace was attacked a few months ago.

Meanwhile, in a bid to improve the security in Bulla Burde town, AMISOM forces from the Djiboutian contingent have deployed reinforcement troops to the town.

This follows an attack that occurred on the 18th of March when a vehicle filled with explosives rammed into one of the gates leading to a house accommodating Somali National Aarmy and frican Union Afric soldiers in Bulla Burde town located 125 kilometres from Beledweyne in Sout Central Somalia killing AMISOM and SNA troops and injuring others.

Speaking about the reinforcement of troop’s deployment, Major Abdourashid Ismail Djiboutian Operations and Planning Officer of Sector 4 said the deployment is meant to boost the morale and motivation for the troops that are on the ground.

“The additional troops will play a vital role in ensuring the security of the population,” said Major Ismail adding that AMISOM objective in Bulla Burde is to flush out AL Shabaab and to hold on the recovered position as the joint forces extend their perimeters of control by operating and clearance missions to Aborey, Yasoman, Douhoul and Bereyabal.

Somali National Army supported by AMISOM troops have been conducting cordon and search operations to flush out any elements of al Shabaab that might be still hiding within the community.

The Bulla Burde residents celebrated following the capture, which they say will save them from the diabolical regime of the al Shabaab group which terrorized them for many years.

Bulla Burde is isolated and it is therefore paramount for AMISOM to extend control of Jalalaqsi and Tieglo to prevent Al Shabaab insurgents any chance of making use of this window of opportunity which could give them motivation for existence.

Bulla Burde has been the nerve Centre of Al-Shabaab insurgents before its liberation on the 13th of March 2014. Its capture was a major victory for the troops fighting the insurgents.

The Al Shabaab fighters had fled the town without putting up much resistance but regrouped and launched attacks during nightfall. Although they were constantly repelled by SNA and AMISOM forces and suffered significant losses during the assaults.


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