Kizito Mihigo Trial Opens Today

information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The world was last week shocked when the popular musician alongside three others admitted planning to carry out terror attacks, healing assassinate political leaders and mobilize the public to revolt against the government.

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The suspects will appear at Kacyiru Primary Court today for the pre-trial session.

It’s there that charges will be read against them.

Mihigo, who pleaded to be pardoned, said he had been promised the post of the ‘Minister of Culture,’ once the government is overthrown.

“I was put in charge of mobilizing and recruiting Rwandans, especially the youth, to revolt against the government, which today I realise is a grave mistake I made,” Mihigo told journalists on April 15.

Mihigo, Cassien Ntamuhanga, Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi and Agnes Niyibizi, confirmed working for the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and the FDLR genocidal forces which have been operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since 1994.

The RNP announced that they had foiled plans by Dukuzumuremyi, to carry out grenade attacks in Kigali and Kigali City Tower in particular.

Dukuzumuremyi was found in possession of six grenades at the time of his arrest, which RNP suspects were to be used to carry out the attacks.

He admitted to being in charge of conducting terror attacks while Ntamuhanga admitted to having been the coordinator of all the subversive acts.

Police spokesperson ACP Damas Gatare, confirmed that the suspects’ case files had been forwarded to prosecution.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Theos Badege, Commissioner for Criminal Investigations Department said Dukuzumuremyi Jean Paul had been promised Rwf 3 million upon completion of the terror plans and had already been paid an advance fee of Rwf 300, 000.

ACP Badege said they will be charged under articles 461, 462, 463 and 499 of the Rwandan penal code.

Chimpreports last week exclusively published details of conversations between Mihigo and RNC members in which they planned their subversive activities.


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