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Public Service Opens Hunt For Police Ghosts

nurse sans-serif; color: #222222;”>According to the Police Publicist Kampala Metropolitan, Patrick Onyango, the exercise is likely to last for a week before spreading up to other police stations outside Kampala.

“The force is trying to crack down ghosts who may have penetrated it and so far the exercise is going on well no one has yet been ruled out, we expect further cooperation from our officers,” Onyango confirmed.

He further noted that the force has a threat of officers who died and those who left the force but are still coming out on the pay roll.

“For a police officer to be verified, has to have a posting instruction, for example from one office to another, a warrant identification as an officer and his or her unit commander should be in place to verify that he is known and that they work together,” he clarified.

Police is the first institution to carry out the exercise but it will continue to all institutions of the Public Service to help eliminate ghost workers.

Meawhile, a total of 3,000 probation police constables and 500 police cadets will undergo medical examination at a training which will start on April 22, 2014 at Kabaali in Masindi district.

Those with disabilities, sexually transmitted diseases and those with pregnancy will be dropped out.

According to Onyango, it is during this time that trainees are told of dysfunctions but police don’t stop people of all kinds from joining the force.

“If we examine you and discover that you have an STD or pregnancy or have a surgery, you are there and then discontinued from the course. Our training is so rigorous and at sometimes life threatening, so this can lead to death of a trainee, if his or her body health and immunity are weak,” Onyango said.

Onyango also refuted allegations that impotent men and those with other sex dysfunctions are dropped out of the course.

He also warned that during training, if a trainee says he/she has HIV Aids virus, since the training takes long hours, the trainee may not get the time to take his or her drugs, a condition which will affect the trainees immunity system.

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