Muslim Clerics Threaten to Boycott ID Registration


hospital geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The formal identification registration card form requires only one spouse to be registered as a married person to one man or woman yet Muslims marry more than one wife.

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The ministry of Internal Affairs requires that for one to register as married person, one must present a marriage certificate.

The General Secretary to the Supreme, Mufti Mohamed Kisambira, told Chimpreports that almost 90 percent of the Muslims do not have an official marriage certificate yet their marriage is legally recognised by government.

“If government is demanding for marriage certificates from Muslim communities, we can easily withdrawal from registering for national identity cards because most of us have more than one wife,” Kisambira said.

He says at first the Muslim community was in full support of the national identification project but as things happened differently on the ground.

Apart from the key issues related to spouses and others, the official form requires any citizen of this country who is above 16 years of age to register and then be eligible to get a national identity card.

It is not only the Muslim community which has raised concerns but also other members of the public, especially due to lack of sensitisation.

The official form for registration is in English language yet very few wanaichi can read, understand and interpret the information on it.

Government through the ministry of Internal Affairs decided to register citizens in order to reduce on the rampant increase in the crimes in Uganda and across the borders.

The country wide national identification project which kicked off a few days back is expected to last for four years.


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