Lukwago: Museveni Statements Abuse His Office

ampoule http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-terms.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The President, more about while touring the city on Thursday, search described Lukwago and Besigye as murderers who want to spoil property whenever they come to the city.

“The statements were unfortunate. A whole Head of State calling us murderers? This tantamounts to abuse of office and if it wasn’t for his immunity, this would be a treason case,” Lukwago told journalists at his home today afternoon.

“If there is any offence that I committed, let it be brought forward and I am prosecuted for that. Those were serious allegations that a Head of State can’t make.”

He further challenged the President to cite any article in the constitution that conforms to his statement that “the powers of the Lord Mayor were diluted” adding, that this is not true, according to the constitution.

“I challenge him to read out any article in the constitution and the KCCA Act that says my powers were diluted as he alleges. These are not joking matters and indeed the President must apologise for what he said.”

Kawempe North Member of Parliament, Latif Ssebaggala, stressed that the President was out of order to visit the city without informing them as leaders adding, that this was a sign of lack of respect by the President towards them (leaders).

“I wonder if all people who voted for him (President) hanged themselves because he has done a lot of disservice to this country. We need to organise a special retreat in Kyankwanzi to teach the President what is meant by patriotism because it seems he doesn’t know any aspect of it,” Ssebaggala noted.

The legislator, however, noted that they are committed as leaders to serve the electorates and can’t be intimidated by the President’s words.

“Museveni acts as the shadow Lord Mayor and indeed yesterday he was visiting his city but was out of order to disrespect leaders in Kampala.”


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