South Sudan

Rebels Claim 200 Civilians Perished In UN Camp Raid


viagra sale sans-serif;”>“This morning at 9:00am, remedy Government troops attacked and overran UNMISS Camp in Bor. Kiir’s forces forced their way through the main UNMISS gate, indiscriminately opened intense and sustained fire on civilians, killing 200 people mostly women and children and wounded 300 others,” reads a statement from Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the rebel military spokesperson.

While earlier reports indicated that the attackers were civilians, rebels claim they were government troops and the death toll resulting from their raid “is expected to rise significantly once the counting of dead bodies is completed”.

They also say four UNMISS soldiers were injured while one of the attackers, “a Dinka man wearing a police uniform was shot dead by UNMISS peace keepers”.

Contrary to the above, a UNMISS statement reported only two injured peacekeepers and never mentioned the actual number of the dead or injured civilians.

The UNMISS statement says the attackers were “a mob of armed civilians” and not government troops as rebels claim.

Other sources in Bor maintain that the attackers were youth and unarmed but UNMISS used tanks and heavy artillery to shoot them down.

The Sudan Tribune reports 30 deaths and quotes SPLA director of Information and Public Relations, Brig. Gen Maluak Ayuen, who confirmed the death of four civilians but could not ascertain the final death toll.

Machar’s spokesperson, James Gatdet Dak, also told Chimpreports that many people were killed and the base was deserted.

“I have not yet confirmed the exact number of the people who got killed. However, survivors I spoke to, told me the death toll could be in hundreds. Also hundreds more are still missing as they were chased into the bushes.”

Chimpreports cannot independently confirm the actual death toll from today’s Bor incident.


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