Ivan: Zari's New Boyfriend a Rat

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ChimpLyfe early this week quoted Sempala as telling friends: “We are preparing to legalise our relationship. Ivan is history. He should just move on.”

Ivan has now fired back. In a post on Facebook, he charged: “In absence of a cat, rats play on the table.”

He added: “256 (Uganda), any minute I am coming.”

Ivan is a well known fighter, a reason Zari has always complained of endless domestic violence.

Zari and Ivan with their kids before the pair separated

However, the tycoon would need to play his cards smartly considering that Sempala is physically fit and not one of those guys one can push around.

He was seen carrying a bulky Zari without hustle.

Sempala and Zari have in recent weeks been having a good time, with reports hinting on plans for marriage.

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