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Kidandala: Why I Secretly Met Kayihura


online sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to police recordings that leaked recently, Kidandala is heard soliciting for a bribe of Shs 6m from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura, to help him service a loan and later betray Lukwago.

“I can’t betray the struggle that we have been in as the opposition for a mere Shs 6m; I agree that I met the IGP but never asked him for any money,” Kidandala told journalists at London Chambers (UYD offices) in Kampala.

“I’m over and above the level of being bought off with such money not forgetting that I have managed to serve as the Deputy Lord Mayor for all this long without being paid.”

“I want to appeal to all Ugandans, especially the people of Kampala that am not liable to the recordings; our meeting with the IGP was in English and I disown the Luganda recordings which I believe the voice is not mine in which am alleged to have been bought off by government.”

“I don’t regret the spirit in which I was having the conversation with the IGP after turning his request down but I regret that he used our meeting for wrong intentions. I accepted after being convinced that our meeting was to iron out the issues at KCCA that are turning into a security threat claiming the lives of even police personnel.”

“There are several meetings going on within town by several people with the aim of solving the impasse at City Hall and when I was called upon this time in Masindi after being informed that I was to meet with the IGP and the CDF, Gen Katumba Wamala, I knew these were two senior officials who had good intentions. Unfortunately, I reached when the CDF had left for other duties.”

“I was called upon to give an account of what happens at City Hall in an effort to have the impasse in Kampala cooled down. I did with good intentions explaining to the IGP that it is the government that has the solution to the problem having left all the powers at KCCA to only one person which has caused more frustrations in the city.”

In the spy tape, Kidandala is heard telling Kayihura, “The first thing is that Lukwago thought he had arrived at City Hall but failed to receive a welcome he had all along desired. He was frustrated by Jennifer Musisi since the time he arrived at City Hall until when he was forced to leave.”

“I regret that I underestimated the spirit in which Kayihura was meeting me in which I was recorded without my knowledge; my intentions to meet him are not regrettable since I was positive in all that I discussed towards rebuilding the city,” Kidandala cried out today in a desperate effort to clear his tainted name.

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