South Sudan

13 Shot As Bor Youth Raid UN Base

sildenafil geneva; color: #292f33; background-color: #f5f8fa;”>According to reports, website youth raided a UN base in Bor Jonglei state demanding that Nuer IDPs be removed or shifted to another base.

With a number put at 200 demonstrators, the youth, while chanting, yelling and beating drums broke into the UN compound, pushed hundreds of Nuer youth out prompting UN troops to retaliate.

In the ensuing scuffle, UN resorted to tanks and heavy artillery, wounding 13 residents on spot (other reports say 14) and critically injuring one.

According to observers, the angry youth accused Nuer refugees of an earlier incident in which they sang and danced at the fall of Bentiu to rebel forces.

Unlike last year’s Akobo base incident where civilians were killed by militias, this time round, UN was alert and could not allow another such ugly episode.

In related incidents, civilians were attacked and shot in their hospital beds in Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile States.

In other bases, civilians were also killed by “stray bullets” as rebels faced off with SPLA both in Upper Nile, Bentiu and Bor.

UNMISS has not yet commented on today’s shooting of civilians and neither has the government of South Sudan.


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