UPC: Museveni Using IDs to Make Refugees Voters


prescription http://debbiehowes.com/wp-includes/deprecated.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>“We have learnt that many refugees have equally takenorder http://contesta.fusolab.net/vcurrip.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”> responsibility in this exercise. It was not streamlined right from the beginning by the concerned authorities because all refugees have started acquiring fake birth certificates from the counties and have registered as citizens.”

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He added: “Museveni has decided to dramatise all simple issues in the country by heavily deploying his army to help him in soliciting for the 2016 general elections by registering non-nationals as nationals.”

Government has up to now failed to find a mechanism to separate refugees from nationals because there are no Local council leaders to help out.

“The LC1s were last voted in 2001 and the ones available now are either old, lost interest in their work or passed on several years ago,” Bossa continued.

An enrolment officer speaks out

Negativity aside, the enrolment officer, Nakasero III, Paul Muyanja, says area residents are turning up in reasonable numbers to register for the national identity cards.

“We are experiencing a reasonable turn up of residents for the exercise and so far everything is going on well,” Muyanja noted.

He, however, revealed that the registrars are facing hard time since most people who come for registration are not aware of the relevant information that should be filled on the form.

“Most people can’t define their home or district of birth particulars; some come without knowing their home Parishes, sub counties and counties yet this information is needed.”

When asked why it is reported that in some places the enrolment officers are asking for money from residents so as to first issue them birth certificates as a requirement for the ID, Muyanja said the act “is illegal and it should not be accepted”.

“Here we don’t ask for any money from the public and secondly, we are not the ones supposed to issue birth certificates. Whoever is asked for money, should not pay, the serve is strictly free of charge.”

Muyanja added that the exercise will make it easier for Ugandans to get or renew their passports, transact bank business, travel across the region with ease, join university and get URA services.

“The ID will help prove that you are who you say you are, help you access government services, prove ownership of land titles against forgeries and get full help if stuck in a foreign country.”


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