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Mbabazi: Uganda Eyeing Space Age


page physician http://continentalagra.com/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/config-validator.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Premier said Government appreciates and values his resilience and is ready to support his scientific exploits.

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seek http://conceive.ca/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/menu/admin-language-switcher.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Mbabazi made the remarks this week at the Space exhibition by African Space research programme at the Uganda Museum in Kampala.

Captain Chris Nsamba’s space technology projects are a source of inspiration for Uganda’s leverage in space science and technology.

He recently received wide media coverage for the Cadimella space observer which is capable of delivering life into space by providing oxygen and now this project awaits clearance and mission facilitation.

During the exhibition, Captain Nsamba unveiled his 2013 master piece project of a drone which can be used for deliver both civilian and military services including traffic control and disaster management. He is focused on releasing the first space drone in the world.

In 2011, they successfully manufactured and tested a space rocket protype which managed to cross the clouds in 5 seconds at a speed of about 27000Km per hour.

Mbabazi assured Nsamba and his team that Government is now focused on promoting science and technology adding that space science is the league of nuclear energy, oil and gas for which we must build a body of knowledge to compete favorably on the global stage.

He said it is unfortunate that Africa is still suffering from jiggers when other people are going into space.

“We were enslaved and colonized because we were backward. The community may not appreciate but as leaders we recognize your pioneering spirit in space science,” Mbabazi said urging him not to give up because success awaits him.

He said the recently announced student loan scheme of 5 billion shillings which will increase to 15 billion shillings next financial year is targeting students in the science field.

Mbabazi also said Government set aside 360 billion this financial year to support research and development projects adding that he will discuss with the President on how to support this programme.

Captain Nsamba on his part asked Government for support to enable him make a breakthrough in his space projects.

“We are looking for authorization, moral and financial support from the Uganda Government,” said Captain Nsamba the only space scientist in Africa selected to join other space experts to work on an expedition to planet Mars.

Other projects he has concluded which require funding include the scientific clock the first in the world which counts time in relation to the sun’s angle even at night and space eyer which is capable of taking active recordings of space above Uganda as far as 2.8 million kilometers from earth.

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