UPDF Denies Training Al Shabaab Militants

pilule sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>”Those allegations are very disturbing; how can we go on to train our own enemy? To me it does not make sense, drug ” said Ankunda in an interview at Singo Peacekeeping Training Centre during the send off ceremony of the United Nations Guard Unit of UPDF to Somalia.

Ankunda added that since the case is already going on in court, the matters should be left for court to take on a profound decision so truth can finally be brought to light.

This follows claims that were on Tuesday revealed by Lance Corporal, Jackson Byabagambi, at the General Court Martial in Makindye, that ten Al Shabaab fighters were trained at Aljazeera training ground shared by AMISOM troops and Somalia National Army (SNA) last year in May.

Byabagambi told court before Brig. Moses Ssentongo that the two weeks training took place at the time when the AMISOM commandant from Ethiopia was on leave and he had left Watimba and Kawero in charge.

New UPDF force going to Somalia under the UN

On the other note, Ankunda noted that the United Nations Guard Unit of the UPDF has been the first force in Uganda and in Somalia which is a composition of 410 UPDF soldiers.

“These 410 soldiers have a UN mandate and will be working under the special representative of the Secretary General of the UN. They will not be commanded by AMISOM.”

Ankunda noted that the soldiers have a role in providing static security to UN installations and personnel in Somalia.

“They will simply coordinate with AMISOM where there is need but AMISOM retains the responsibility to provide greater security to both UN forces and actors in Somalia.”

Ankunda remarked that this is the first time Uganda is deploying such a huge force under the UN adding, that this comes as a vote of confidence in Uganda’s capabilities in peace support operations and activities.

“This is very critical and we are happy that UN chose the UPDF to play this role.”

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