Museveni Faces Suit over Shs3.5bn Debt Acquired by Nina

nurse http://chipinhead.com/wp-includes/class-wp-post.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Lenina, http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php who is well known as Nina, borrowed the money on behalf of NRM in June 2010 to facilitate the registration of party members and delegates.

In the letter sent to Museveni, the businessman’s lawyers, Akampurira and company advocates, says Nina with authority from Museveni acquired Shs440m with a 15 percent per month, which is yet to be cleared.

Instead, the debt which supposed to be cleared in three months, has accumulated to shs3.5bn as of March 2014.

Arvind has since written a demand note to the President requesting him to pay the money in question within a period fourteen days or else face legal action.

The money-lender says all efforts to obtain payment using party organs have yielded no fruits leaving Patel with no alternative but to seek the President’s intervention to solve the matter amicably or else he seeks legal redress.

The demand letter has been copied to the secretary general NRM Richard Twodong who is the Acting Secretary, National Vice Chairperson Alhaji Moses Kigongo, The presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi, and state House Lawyers who include John Mary Mugisha and company advocates, Bakiza and company advocates, Mwesige, Mugisha and Company advocates and Twinobusingye Severino and company advocates.

Nina was not readily available for comment.

However, at a recent meeting with social media enthusiasts in Kampala, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi said his daughter was brought in during the delegates’ conference to build the NRM’s capacity to handle the exercise.

Observers say the latest development is likely to trigger a storm in the party considering that some senior officials believe the registration of the delegates was marred by irregularities to favour Mbabazi as he battled Kahinda Otafiire and Gilbert Bukenya for the Secretary General position.

In a recent article, former Vice President, Prof Gilbert Bukenya said “there is also this issue I hear about, Hon Mbabazi and his people brag so much about that he won as Secretary General at Nambole with a land slide. It’s indeed laughable.”

He added: “The fact that myself as well as Hon Otafiire who contested for Secretary General then with him, chose not to speak against the shameful and glaring fraud at Nambole, didn’t mean all was well or even fair. Not at all. We chose to keep quiet, concede all that had taken place for the sake of our party and the circumstances of electioneering we were in.”

Bukenya said he didn’t want whatsoever to divide NRM supporters as the party entered the general elections.

“We took a line that could unite us for a common and bigger cause than divide us at that moment. How can Hon Amama Mbabazi without shame then brag of a land slide in an election that was organized and directly manned by his daughter? Indeed he should have got 100 percent and beyond. Who would expect President Museveni or Kiiza Besigye to loose or perform poorly in an election organised by Muhoozi or Anslem respectively?” he added.


“Who doesn’t know that the polling register of the NRM delegates was and is still in the hands of Nina Mbabazi, the daughter of Hon Amaama Mbabazi? She accredited whoever she liked to Namboole and whose vote she was sure of. Yet again, Nina Mbabazi had and still has no legitimate position in the party.”

Bukenya further stated that Nina “is neither a member of CEC, NEC nor an appointed staff of the party. At least not to my knowledge. But she was in charge of the entire party national delegates’ conference with polling materials in her possession and control. If this is not abuse of office and outright impunity, what then is it? In fact if Hon Amaama Mbabazi had then even wanted to stand as party chairman against President Museveni; he was also going to “win” him with a big “land slide.”’


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