Spy Tapes: How Kidandala Betrayed Lukwago


mind try http://closdescapucins.fr/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/wptouch.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It should be remembered that shortly after being elected Mayor of Kampala, ampoule http://corepr.pl/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-nav-menu-edit.php Lukwago took off time to select his deputy.

Among all his friends and close political affiliates, Lukwago nominated and backed Kidandala.

The latest tapes show all along Kidandala has been leaking Lukwago’s secrets to the state in what may believe is an act of betrayal.

The developments also raise doubts about opposition members’ credibility as they demand for change of the statusquo yet continue to seek personal favours from the same government.

In the leaked spy tapes, Kidandala is heard asking for Shs 6m from IGP Gen Kale Kayihura to help pay off a loan for a friend who was recruited to handle the external wing fighting to pull down Lukwago.

“There is this guy, he has come to me for other issues but I discovered that he has a bank loan worth Shs 6m. His car card will soon be taken. I convinced him that we can help him clear the loan and recruit him to help in the external wing,” Kidandala told Kayihura.

“This guy has always been moving out to meet Dr. Kiyingi who is now facing some challenges and troubles with the mission. He can help gather information during Lukwago’s meetings, in case I am not around,” added Kidandala.

Earlier, Kidandala was recorded explaining the genesis of the saga that saw Lukwago battle the Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi.

“The first thing is that Lukwago thought he had arrived at City Hall but failed to receive a welcome he had all along desired. He was frustrated by Jennifer Musisi since the time he arrived at City Hall until when he was forced to leave.”

Kayihura intervened and told Kidandala that as far at the Public Order Management is concerned, the Lord Mayor hasn’t been helpful.

“He has caused the death of some officers in town on top of hooking up with Kizza Besigye.”

Kidandala said the Lord Mayor had given up activities to do with Besigye but out of frustration at City Hall, he went back to him.

He kept telling me that “you see, now the more we bring Besigye into our network, the more we attract the state attention and resistance from the state”.

He also told me “I would be of the view that we minimise our activities and Besigye’s presence in the city. The frustration he faced prompted him to pull back when Musisi chose to play him out of almost the entire system and network; she closed down all the privileges and everything.

He, therefore, had no choice. At one time, he said “you see am left with no option because if you have an office you either get a political capital or a financial capital out of it” and that was the choice he made,” Kidandala narrated.

Lukwago has for the better part of his time at City Hall been struggling to assert his authority due to stiff resistance from Musisi. He would later face ta government tribunal which found him liable for abuse of office and incompetence.

The KCCA councillors later impeached him only to be reinstated by Court.


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