Mirundi: Buganda Is A Double-Edged Sword

viagra buy http://debiontheweb.com/wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress_functions_backward_compatibility.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Appearing on a radio talk show on Tuesday evening Mirundi explained that Buganda is a double edged sword which can’t be trusted.

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“It’s good that the President returned your property but why were you always attacking him for delaying to give it to you? That’s why I always say am a foreteller because when I crossed over to the government, they (Buganda) criticised me but I insisted that Museveni was the right person to restore their lost property,” Tamale explained.

Double standards

“They always insist that Museveni grabbed their property but went on to claim rent from the same property. How can someone who grabbed your property pay rent? During the recent Mabira debate, they offered land to Metha so that he leaves the forest (Mabira) but in actual sense, Buganda Land Board was eying rent from Metha which is a sign of double standards,” Mirundi revealed.

He added that Buganda always claims that government put the Kabaka under house arrest and is not allowed to move around his Kingdom yet they go on to contradict themselves in the media talking about the overwhelming numbers of people who graced the King’s visit to his subjects.

“When they want to discredit elections, they say Museveni rigged elections in Buganda but on the other hand, go on and claim that he (President) has not favoured them in government yet he polled the most votes from their region. How can these two contradicting statements be true?” he wondered.

Mirundi further lashed out at Buganda for always fighting the President whenever he comes out to hold talks with them.

“When he calls some elders to meet him at State House, they condemn all those who go there. They never wanted him to visit the Kasubi tombs which led to the death of many innocent people who were shot by soldiers as they tried to prevent him from entering the tombs. This was wrong,” Mirundi explained.

President Museveni on Tuesday handed over 213 land titles to a Buganda Kingdom delegation led by Ambassador Emmanuel Ssendawula in the presence of other government officials and Buganda leaders at State House in Entebbe.


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