Col Besigye: I am Close to the Mbabazis

this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“Yes, health I met Jacqueline Mbabazi, there ” said Besigye in response to a question from a journalist during a press briefing at Parliament on Tuesday.

He quickly added the meeting was not “political.”

Besigye further said the opposition has “never considered the people in NRM as our enemies including their leader Museveni. We just disagree with them.”

The former Presidential contestant said him and Mbabazi hail from the greater Rukungiri District where Kanungu was curved out in 1995.

“Now the only bridge that we used is cut off. We must use a helicopter to find each other,” he added, humorously.

In a confident tone, Besigye added: “I will still be meeting Mbabazi and his people.”

This is not the first time Besigye is hinting on a possible alliance with Mbabazi but the timing is likely to ruffle feathers in the corridors of power.

Speaking on a radio talk show last week, the opposition ironman said Mbabazi’s purported tainted history in government wouldn’t deter their collaboration if it led to ultimate downfall of President Yoweri Museveni.

Mbabazi has never been convicted in any corruption case but his name has always surfaced in high profile scandals.

“You see, when dealing political work and mobilization you want everybody to be with you. Whether they are convicted criminals, in a fight like this, every support is useful,” said Besigye when asked to explain his links with Mbabazi.

“I have never said that there shouldn’t be a time for accountability. Everyone should be made to account for their wrongdoing; even if it’s me, and someone feels I have committed a punishable offense,” said the former Presidential candidate.

“But for now, if we are working for change, everyone should be welcome to work for that change. It is that positive change that will lay the stage for people to account. You cannot account in a situation like now where there is no rule of law. It should be change first and accountability later.”

Until late last year, Mbabazi was considered one of the most loyal servants of the President.

However, it later emerged that Mbabazi’s supporters had taken to the grassroots to campaign for his 2016 presidential bid.

The NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi moved fast to curtail Mbabazi’s presidential ambitions by declaring Museveni the party’s 2016 sole candidate.

Mbabazi who signed on the resolution later said it was simply an opinion of the NRM members and that the party’s flag-bearers will be decided during the delegates’ conference.

NRM MPs have since been dispatched to the grassroots to popularise Museveni’s candidature.

Mbabazi maintains he will not stand for President in 2016. He, however, insists harbouring presidential ambitions is not criminal.

Political love triangle

What remains puzzling is the new love between Mbabazi’s family and Besigye.

Commenting on Besigye’s confrontations with Police, Ms Mbabazi was recently quoted by Daily Monitor as saying: “I remember one incident that really disturbed me and that is when Dr Kizza Besigye’s car window was broken and pepper spray thrown into his eyes in broad day light. It was very unfortunate. I remember telling the President and I quote: “We do not want a police state here.”

With reports showing Besigye working closely with Mbabazi and exiled spymaster Gen David Sejusa, it remains to be seen how Museveni will decide on who should succeed him.

Observers tell Chimpreports Uganda’s political transition is likely to be characterised by violence if not well managed.


Meanwhile, opposition leaders today urged Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura to resign over the conversations in the leaked spy tapes.

Kayihura recently said commenting on the contents of the leaked audio recordings would undermine a wider police investigation into the criminal activities in NRM.


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