Police, Opposition Lock Horns Over Terror Alerts

try sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>The police force in a counteroffensive asked the politicians to “learn to separate politics from matters concerning national security”.

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Gen Kayihura, at the beginning of this month, issued yet another alert in which he pointed out plans by the Congo based Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) to launch arson attacks on schools in Eastern Uganda.

The warning followed a series of others about possible terror strikes in different parts of Kampala by Somali militants, Al Shabaab, since the tragic July 2011 bombing at Lugogo and Kabalagala respectively.

Opposition Democratic Party, however, came out to question the rationale of these terror alerts by the IGP.

At a recent press conference, DP press secretary, Mr Fred Mwesigwa, wondered how the rebels could have possibly crossed from the DRC through central to Eastern Uganda.

“These are human beings, not houseflies. They obviously travel with their gadgets. How couldn’t police notice them?” asked Mwesigwa.

“Besides, police obtains this information a forehand, why do they have to go public to alert the rebels? Why don’t they carry out a clandestine operation and arrest the rebels, like developed countries’ intelligence does?”

Mwesigwa added: “It’s not that we are opposed to having citizens on the guard for their own safety, but what we don’t want is rumourmongering.”

Reached to comment on the accusations, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, said the opposition was going overboard.

“I wish they could stop mixing politics with matters concerning security of Ugandans. When terrorists plan to launch an attack, it is thousands of lives on the line; I don’t understand why to them this should be taken lightly.”

He continued: “This is information we obtain from credible sources, mostly from foreign sophisticated intelligence, and its only when we verify it thoroughly that we issue the alerts.”


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