FDC Pessimistic Over National ID Registration

more about sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The ID project which was expected to kick off five years ago wasmore about sans-serif; color: #222222;”> hampered by allegations of corruption. It is expected to cost the country about Shs 300bn.

The opposition party expressed pessimism this morning about a number of persistent irregularities therein that might obstruct the process from going forward.

“We are hearing, for instance, of the Village Verification Committees, comprised of elders, local councils, whose information will be the basis for issuance of the IDs,” noted party spokesperson, John Kikonyogo, at a press conference.

“Yet we very well know that Local Councils are not only expired [their mandate having never been renewed since Uganda went multiparty in 2005], but are also in complete disarray.”

Mr Kikonyogo noted that some leaders on the councils have died while others have relocated, and therefore, their guidance cannot be depended upon for issuance of the national Identification.

“Government should realise that Uganda is among the countries with the cheapest ways of acquiring citizenship. We have extremely porous borders coupled with the ever growing number of refugees from war-torn neighbouring countries, many of whom escape from refugee camps and make it to the communities.”

Similar concerns were earlier raised by Kampala Resident City Commissioner, Mrs Aisha Kabanda, while meeting City Councillors, Mayors, and technocrats in a preparatory training ahead of the massive countrywide exercise.

“Kampala district particularly, unlike other districts is more of cosmopolitan with the biggest number of foreigners, who the first phase of registration seeks to eliminate,” said Mrs Kabanda.

“Sadly, many of the foreigners have mastered our languages, cultures and behaviour, and many of them may succeed in sneaking in to get Identity Cards.”

Addressing the nation yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni, called upon all eligible Ugandans to embrace the exercise saying, it would be essential in providing reliable statistics and information on all citizens.


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