South Sudan

Pressure Piles on Kiir to End South Sudan Bloodshed

cialis 40mg sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 200%;”>The group also “unequivocally condemns the violence against civilians particularly those that are targeted by both forces.”

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According to Gondar Timothy Tutlam, the chairperson of South Sudanese Minnesota Task Force, foreign forces in the country should quit due to crimes committed in Upper Nile and Unity State.

He was referring to UPDF, which intervened hours after a failed coup against Kiir, stopping a potential genocide.

UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda says the Ugandan forces will not leave South Sudan until a force comprising African troops are deployed in the volatile country.

Tutlam said his taskforce fully support SPLM/A in Opposition, while appealing for democracy and good governance.

“The voices of all stakeholders need to be heard through dialogue and negotiation. The affairs of Southern Sudan should be managed as democratically as the process of referendum which gave birth to South Sudan itself. Leaders who view South Sudan as a Private Limited Company controlled by a Managing Director should rethink their relevance because all power comes from the people to the leaders, not the other way round,” he observed.

“Leaders must be held to account regardless of their status. We salute our compatriots who have risked their lives by standing against impunity and dictatorship at this time in our history. The political monster needs to be tamed while it is still young – for tomorrow would be too late. A stitch in time saves nine- is an old saying.”

Tutlam further said the increasing level of intolerance and hostility towards opposing views are recipes for bad governance.

“Our Constitution will remain a mere document if our patriots hesitate to stand up and defend it. The rule of law will remain a pipe dream if we do not put in place mechanisms for checks and balances. Make no mistake. Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he noted, adding, “After diligently analyzing the unfolding situation in the country from interim period to post independence, we wish to give our support to the SPLM/A-O to pave the way for a true democracy in South Sudan. Signs are visible, on the horizon, of a failed state but together we can pre-empt that fate.”

The government of South Sudan maintains it’s ready to find an amicable solution to the crisis hurting the country.

Thousands have been forced into displacement camps without food or clean water.

The Government recently maintained its stance on the inclusion of the seven released detainees accused of having played a role in the Mid December aborted Coup attempt as ‘third party’ to the talks.

Information Minister Hon. Michael Makuei says his delegation is ‘hopeful’ that they will come back with peace.

“We hope things will be normal, that the talks can start between us and the rebels so that we create a conducive atmosphere for the people of South Sudan,” said Makuei.

He, however, called on all peace loving South Sudan to exercise some level of patience while waiting for the outcome of the talks.

“Negotiation is a process, it not an event. It should not be a surprise to anybody that the talks are talking long. What is most important is the outcome of those talks not how long it takes”.


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