Dr Onzivua: How I Survived Jail In Nebanda Death Saga

sildenafil sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Dr. Onzinvua who is a senior forensic pathologist at Mulago referral hospital, was speaking at the closure of a three day training workshop for police detectives and medics at White Horse Inn hotel in Kabale town over the weekend.

According to Onzinvua, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) had charged him of unlawfully removing body samples of the late former Butaleja district Woman MP, Cerinah Nebanda, from a government laboratory.

Onzinvua noted that he was among the 19 persons including the police who carried out a post-mortem and he was given the body samples under the police form 48.

“Later, the police turned around and claimed that they were not present when the post-mortem was being done and I was immediately arrested,” he narrated.

He was then produced in the Chief Magistrate’s Court at 3pm with the aim of “denying me bail but the Chief Magistrate was so lenient and he asked for sureties who were present including 10 Members of Parliament. I was given a non-cash bail”.

He further stated that after he was arrested, his team of nine lawyers led by David Mpanga sat down, revised the laws in Uganda and it was later found out that there is no law in the country that directs the medical
doctors on how to carry out a post-mortem.

“The witnesses were brought but they could not answer the cross examination report and they told the court to decide on the law he contrived before making a post-mortem,” Dr. Onzinvua continued.

“The court also failed to prove the arbitrariness of the situation.”

Genesis of the problem

According to Dr. Onzinvua, a certain doctor (name withheld) had interest in carrying out the post-mortem in London for his self gains.

The move meant he would get travel facilitation and private upkeep for the London tour.

“He connived with some police officers who reported to the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, that I had obtained the body samples unlawfully.

That is how news got to President Museveni that Onzinvua had stolen the late Nebanda’s body samples from the government laboratory.

It was feared that Dr Onzinvua would implicate the government in Nebanda’s death.

“Luckily, the director of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) also rushed to State House and informed the President about the reality of the situation.”

“As I learnt later, I was to be taken to Luzira prison in a place where Chris Rwakasisi was detained for decades.

However, the President sent a team of investigators which discovered the truth.

“My lawyers are working on the legal process to sue the State for compensation because of the torment and malicious prosecution.

Onzinvua says he lost his scholarship for studying in Australia worth $2000 for one year during the time of arrest and court prosecution.

He was also interdicted from Mulago hospital “verbally” but was reinstated after the truth came out.

On a lighter note, Dr. Onzinvua is currently undertaking a research on the cause of the nodding disease that has become a threat to northern Uganda.

“I am awaiting the President’s authorisation to fly the body samples to South Africa to find out the real cause of this disease.


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