Fan Dissects, Computes Zuena’s Real Age

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But let us follow logic.

1) Bebe Cool and Zuena claim they have been together for 12 years, so 27 minus 12 leaves us with 15 years.

That would mean Bebe Cool started dating Zuena while she was 15 years yet she was at campus.

2) Now remember that Moses Radio dated Zuena before Bebe Cool and that would mean Moses dated Zuena when she was 13 years.

3) You also note that Zuena has a 10 year-old son, so 27 minus 10 leaves us with 17 years -wow- That sounds possible, not so?

That is when they had spent one year together.


4) No it doesn’t sound OK to me because Zuena contested in 2001 for Miss Uganda beauty contest where age limit for contestants was 18-25 years.

By that time, Zuena did not have her 10 year-old son nor was she pregnant.

In fact, it was about then that she met Bebe Cool.

Let us do the maths again; if Zuena was at least 18 years, by now, she would be at least 31 years.

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