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Uganda, India Cement Ties


price http://constinta.com.br/v1/templates/yoo_venture/warp/layouts/modules/templates/1-3-1.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The ceremony took place in the office of the Minister at MOFAshop geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”> Minister Okello welcomed the High Commission to Uganda and wished him happy stay during his tour, according a statement released by the ministry.

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He assured him full cooperation and support from government.

He told his him that Uganda and India have enjoyed excellent relations for a long time and should be maintained Minister Okello further told the High Commission that he is free to engage everybody as he executes his duties.

He informed him that his predecessor had done everything possible to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and asked him to follow him.

The High Commissioner on his part thanked the Minister for the warm welcome and pledged to maintain and strengthen the relations between the two countries during his tour.

He informed the Minister that currently India is in elections mood and promised that whichever party comes to power the historical relationship between Uganda and India will remain.

He promised to continue with the development projects that were started by his predecessor.

Minister Okello also briefed the High Commissioner about the South Sudan Conflict, Somalia and the East African Community.

H.E. Dr. A. V. S. Ramesh Chandra, the new Indian High Commissioner to Uganda, presenting credentials to Minister Okello Oryem.

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