Museveni Praises Okurut As Scandal-Free Politician

abortion sans-serif; color: #333333;”>“Oneviagra sans-serif;”> sure thing about the late Okurut is that you could not hear any scandal about him. The priest was worried that he may have stolen money and will face God to answer. He was a very down to earth man, what is ed ” he said according to a statement released by the Minister of Information and National Guidance, Rose Namayanja.

“At one time when Okurut was still in the opposition DP and was debating with Adoko Nekyon who was in UPC, Nekyon told him that he was like a porcupine and should not talk about him. I think they were debating UBC because Nekyon was the Minister for Broadcasting at the time or about some procurement issue,” continued the President.

“But Okurut just kept quite and stuck to his point. He did not walk out of parliament like some of these people do The late Okurut was originally a teacher who taught in many institutions before becoming the General Manager Suppliers of Kakira Sugar Works, Chairman Advisory Board of Trade under Obote two and later worked with President Yoweri Museveni as his Minister of Transport and Communications in 1986 and subsequently Minister of Labour and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports.”

He added: “When we came into power, I invited him to join government. He did not say that because this was a government of young people, he could not work with us. He came and worked under young people. He advised the people of Teso region to behave well during the insurgency in Teso and when he left government, he lived a quiet life and you didn’t hear any noise from him.”

President gives his condolences to widow Karooro

The President apologised for interrupting the programme of the priests at the funeral but said he wanted to say bye to his comrade because he failed to do it in Kampala due to state duties.

The President who left shortly after his speech for more state duties and delegated the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanya, to represent him hailed the late Okurut for being one of the pioneers of education in Uganda.

“When I heard that he had died, I had to reach his place and say thank you. We are all going to die; the question is what did you do when you were alive? Jesus lived for only 33 years on earth but did a lot of teaching and faith. 85 years is not very old. Other people live up to 100 years. But in the time that God gave him, those who know him appreciate greatly what he did,” he said.

The President said political turmoil in Uganda could be avoided if people knew how to behave, adding, however, that getting consensus is very difficult.

He said polite people like Okurut were ignored and people who were arrogant took command like UPC and Mengo.

“That is how we lost a lot of time because of those actors. Conscious people were there but suppressed. May the soul of the late Okurut rest in eternal peace,” he said.

The President thanked the widow Hon. Maria Karooro Okurut for being well behaved and as hardworking as her late husband.

Drawing from a Kinyankole proverb, the President said when one rubs against the red anthill, one also becomes red.

“I think Maria Karooro Okurut by rubbing yourself against that ant hill you became red. You don’t hear her quarrelling and I don’t know whether she got this good behaviour from her father or her husband,” he said.

Thousands of people including Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, political leaders and communities from around the country gathered in Olwa Village, Kokong Parish, Kapir sub-county in Ngora to see off the late Okurut.


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