Councillor Axed Over Minister Nyiira’s Fake Seeds Saga


patient geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a letter dated April 4, 2014 addressed to Kyamanywa, Kyomya said; “despite being under my office, you made reports on bogus seeds distributed to farmers in the area to the office of LC V chairperson without informing me. You further took the matter to the press without informing me of the alleged fake seeds distributed by the area member of parliament and due to the above reasons you are here by relieved of your duties as secretary of education, sports and social services Pakanyi sub county local government”.

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However, Kyamanywa described Kyomya’s act as baseless because it was true that the seeds were fake.

He said “Kyomya is a puppet who does whatever Nyiira tells him”.

Prof. Zerubabbel Nyiira Mijumbi, who is also Member of Parliament Buruli County in Masindi district, gave out over six tonnes of counterfeit maize and rice seeds.

The seeds were given out three weeks ago, allegedly intended to promote food security and improve house hold income.

The seeds have, however, failed to germinate.

The beneficiaries of this project started decampaigning the Minister in churches and other public places accusing him of being “a political liar”.

The six tonnes that was given out is estimated to cost Shs 18m.

Muhamudu accused the Minister of using money meant for NAADA programme to procure seeds and did not following proper selection procedures to identify the beneficiary.

“Instead the Minister is giving the seeds to his political mobilisers at parish level an act he said is discriminative.”

He disclosed that since they planted the seeds two weeks ago, they have never germinated despite the fact it is raining.

Minister Nyira, has been apologising eversince.

Masindi sources say he ran announcements on local radios promising to procure genuine seeds for the farmers.

“I didn’t know that the seeds I gave you were fake. After realising that mistake, I have now procured another seed for you,” Nyiira’s announcement reads in parts.

He attributed the problem to counterfeit seeds on the market throughout the country but warned people against politicising the issue.


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