South Sudan

Heated Debate Over SPLM-G7 $4bn Fraud


viagra 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The officials noted that it is true the constitutional transition of SPLM brought about some differences but stated that the opportunists wanted to use a shortcut for the transitional process in order to reach the leadership level.

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“128 members of the SPLM council voted for transformation (democratic) against Riek Marchar’s 8 votes,” they remarked.

The government Spokesperson, Ateny Wek Ateny, said in South Sudan there are Generals in the army who have never been to school.

He noted that some clicks wanted to enrich themselves of certain areas adding, that the international community was anticipating the crisis to happen.

“If there was nothing to happen, something was made to happen because certain actors in the international community anticipated it.”

He concluded that some false reports continue circulating in the media aimed at tainting government’s image.

“South Sudan is the only country in Africa without political detainees, it is rebels writing articles against government.”

The IGAD representative and CEWRAN director, Richard Barno, noted that authority is to create a situation that involves everybody with the aim of restoring peace in the war-torn country.

Barno said getting a tactical response to situations is easy but getting interventions for long term situations is not easy.

The Ambassador of South Sudan to Uganda, Samuel Luate Lominsuk, noted that the problem of South Sudan came from too many actors in the country noting that President Salva Kiir has played a great role in our country.

“He deserves a Nobel Peace prize.”

“President Kiir has cemented the people of South Sudan together and the government of South Sudan will go into these negotiations without any preconditions.”

The Ambassador has blamed the international community for being biased, “The President of the country was the one who detected the corruption of missing $4bn; it is now the same international community that is saying why did you remove these persons that these persons are icons.”

The 7 detainees demanding to be heard at the talks in Addis Ababa were involved in the theft of $4b of tax payers’ money,” he continued.

After government closed the oil mining, there was an attempt to borrow money from the International community which refused.

“The international community demanded that those involved in the theft of $4bn be removed from Government,” Amb Luuta Samuel pursued.

“When government removed them now the international community is questioning why the President removed the 7 icons (detainees).”


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