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Besigye Attacks Kayihura Over Spy Tapes

sildenafil http://codigoweb.co/wp-includes/class-wp-widget.php sans-serif; color: #333333;”>It was four days of intense action. We had a Town Hall meeting, sick http://cineaverde.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php a rally, and a radio program in Arua; a mini-rally in Nebbi; a Town Hall meeting in Gulu; a rally and two radio programmess in Lira; and two radio programmes and rally in Kitgum town.

In all these places, people gathered peacefully, listened attentively, responded enthusiastically, and dispersed peacefully.

This happened because in all these places the Police and other security forces were conspicuously absent.

A meeting that took place mid last week between leaders of the “Campaign for Free and Fair Elections Now” and the Military Generals responsible for Internal Affairs ministry and the Police respectively, set the stage for a “Police-free” environment at all the above programmes.

I hope that it’s now very clear to all people that it’s the “Police” under “Orders from Above” that is responsible for violence and chaos at opposition political meetings.

With the recently leaked (secretly recorded) information about Gen Kale Kayihura’s (Afande Teargas) partisan political activism, it’s no longer in doubt that the Uganda Police doesn’t function as a National Security force.

It’s simply a militia of Mr. Museveni.

I hope our MPs will move Parliament to quickly institute a serious inquiry into the unprecedented abuse of office relating to the leaked tapes.

While driving across the Districts of West Nile, Acholi and Lango, one is hit by the glaring extreme poverty, absent or scanty basic services, and poor infrastructure.

The Karuma- Pakwach- Arua road that was constructed only recently is already in need of reconstruction!

It would even appear that its construction wasn’t quite completed; notably, there are hardly any road signs for the many humps and obstacles on the road.

Even in the main towns, there is very little business activity visible. It’s clear that the war in Sudan has had a serious effect on the Region’s economic activity.

What struck me was that the only busy places in the towns are stores for sports betting and to some extent, bars with pool tables.

Understandably, with the unprecedented Youth unemployment at 83%, sports betting (gambling) can be quite a dangerous attraction.

This activity requires effective regulation; even before the whole NRM mafia is voided.

Northern Uganda will definitely need a “Marshall Plan” under a diligent government to get it back to fully recovery and development.

That’s why we uncompromisingly demand Free and Fair Elections NOW! Ugandans should not allow to go through another rigged election in 2016.

For God and My Country!

Dr Kiiza Besigye


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