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Women MPs Want Defilement Pushed to 21 Years


buy http://certoclear.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-shipping-zones.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Through their umbrella body, buy information pills Uganda Parliamentary Women Association case sans-serif; color: #222222;”>(UWOPA), the female legislators who have already drafted the amendments, are tirelessly working hand in hand with the Parliamentary Committee on Gender and Social Affairs pushing for the amendment.

They are confident it won’t “die” like the Marriage and Divorce Bills which flopped last year.

The MPs contend that by 18 years, girls are still immature and cannot deliver as expected in marriage, and that even their understanding is still very low which has caused lots of marriage breaks outs.

Parliaments’ Committee on Gender and Social Affair Chair, Henry Rwakajara, has been meeting a delegation of MPs from Zambia sitting on the Parliamentary Committee of Youth and Sports.

Led by their chairperson, Elijah Muchima, the group is on a study tour on the Issue of Teenage Pregnancy for both countries.

Rwakajara explained that most of the problems women face are caused by the entering or being forced into relationships at an early age and even at 18 to 20 years of age, they are still not yet independently eloquent to make a choice in marriage.

“Women are facing many problems and shall still face such if the constitutional 18 years age of consent is not amended. At 18 or 20, no girl can on her own make a smart family union decision and we must do this amendment fast,” Rwakajara said.

Meanwhile, Kamwenge District Woman MP, Dorothy Nsheija, says if the age consent is left on 18 years, it will encourage girls to drop out of schools.

“The main cause of girls dropping out of school is teenage pregnancy and if we extend the age of consent to 21, we shall reduce on drop out of girls since men won’t be in position to seduce them,” Nsheija argued.

The Koboko District Woman MP, Margret Babadili, says the amendment might get resistances mostly from the Male MPs just like was in Marriage and Divorce Bills, because most people say that even 18 years is still high and needs lowering.


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