Lawyers to Strike Over Absent Chief Justice

discount information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Their concern comes through another petition to President Museveni requesting him to immediately appoint a new Chief Justice.

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search geneva;”>It’s now coming to a full year since Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki, retired and his deputy Lady justice, Alice Mpagi, retired much earlier in 2010 but nothing much has been done.

In respect to what has been happening in the judiciary for almost one year, some Ugandans are not happy because there is no Chief Justice who can thoroughly guide the judicial arm of government.

The President of Uganda Law society, Ruth Sebatindira, told Chimpreports that with the retirement of the top justices, the judiciary is slowly loosing the trend evidenced on several interim orders which have not been respected by the state security operatives.

”The issue of security operatives and the Attorney General not respecting some of the interim orders, is causing lots of loopholes in the system which at times leads to public loss of trust from the judiciary,” Sebatindira said.

The Uganda Law Society has also observed that there is a general lack of respect for court orders by the Residents District Commissioners and the Uganda police who receive orders but continue to ignore them.

This amounts to contempt of courts which is punishable by the law.

Sebatindira advised the government and its organs to always follow the right procedures of challenging any matter in courts of law.

The Uganda Law Society is also calling upon all users of the courts regardless of how eminent they are, to demonstrate respect for judicial offices in the discharge of their functions.

Initially, government had plans of extending the term for the Chief Justice for other years but this was opposed by the Uganda Law Society.


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